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(30 Likes) How can I follow my girlfriend to see what she’s doing when I’m not around?

d all their email and facebook private chats. You could try paying your best friend exorbitant amounts and have him attribute all the conversions. all sex dolls conversations with her best friend… ……Or you can trust her. What a radical idea! I think the problem is not with what your girlfriend is doing, but rather with your feeling of insecurity about holding her. She loves you. He is with you. Jealousy or having the level of control you mentioned will definitely force you to separate. Would you like to have someone watching your every move? Are you implying that every conversation you have with a woman is a harbinger of flirting or sex? Want to find out if your girlfriend hacked your phone so she could read your messages? Number? Then how do you think she’ll feel if she finds out you have these control issues? I am sad

(21 Likes) Why are fewer people buying inflatable sex dolls?

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(62 Likes) Why do some people think Meghan Markle was never pregnant and using a surrogate?

eghan Markle was barely able to get pregnant at the age of thirty-seven, after six weeks of trying and no other viable pregnancies. Based on what Princess Eugenie said she was twelve weeks at her wedding, Meghan would have been pregnant six weeks after her wedding. This is not realistic. Meghan Markle is said to have had multiple abortions, making it difficult for her to maintain a viable pregnancy at age thirty-seven. Remember, a mother is considered old after thirty-five. Three years later, after age thirty-five, 75% will still be trying to conceive. Meghan’s luck has never been in her favor. If Meghan was really born in 1977 and not 1981, and there are differences, then there was basically a 2% chance of getting pregnant (or not even conceiving). Meghan would have been 40 without any known successful pregnancies, making it harder for her to get pregnant. Throughout Meghan’s pregnancy, the size and shape of her fist has changed drastically. She was sometimes a rectangle like she was in a suitcase, and other times she had a huge bump, but she got smaller over the week. A truly pregnant woman’s belly never shrinks. He cannot do this. The baby grows every week, and even a malnourished mother experiences a larger swelling within a week. A pregnant belly never shrinks. Never. And Meghan has done it many times. Meghan was spotted crouching in her eighth month of pregnancy and her belly deflated and when she stood up and her belly re-inflated, an audible Pop! heard and noticed by visitors. It is on the tape. Meghan squatted in high heels with her legs together and rose again unaided when she was eight months pregnant. This is quite a feat and one that most expectant mothers will never achieve. I only read the observations of women who are pregnant. Online. It’s all there for you to read. Meghan walked her belly around her knees one day. No belly on top, a belly about 7 months pregnant was down on her knees. A pregnant woman’s uterus never goes down on her knees. Meghan had a big baby bump at the NYC baby shower, but not the night she was dating her flame, Markus Anderson. She had a flat stomach but she tried to hide it with a handbag. His belly couldn’t be hidden, it was just too big at that point. But then it went straight. Meghan did not want to reveal any information about where she gave birth. While the paparazzi were watching Frogmore Cabin in the weeks before giving birth, there was no one in Frogmore. No lights, no activities, no cars. No Meghan. There is no Harry. Where were they? Meghan has refused to use Queen Elizabeth’s OB/GYNs. Why? She said she didn’t want “grey men” to attend her private birth, which is Diana’s term. It was so private that no doctor would sign a birth certificate. There is no record of Meghan giving birth to a baby in May 2022. As approved and approved by a doctor. Harry and Meghan lied all sex dolls Meghan said she gave birth after giving birth when she gave birth. Why timing issues? Fake? Haven’t you been born? To make it as complicated as possible to confuse people? Meghan left the hospital FOUR hours after giving birth for the first time in her life. No doctor would have released Meghan. It would be unsafe for mother and baby, she. at that age. When Meghan left the hospital or gave birth, she lied. Or so people claim. When Harry and Meghan took “Archie” to three photographers and a videographer to view their new baby, the boy didn’t move at all, even while he was asleep, like all newborns do. The cameras couldn’t get a good view of the baby. The couple reportedly used dolls. Babies do not move or make sounds. And this baby didn’t even move once and didn’t make a sound. Close-up of Prince George on the stairs of the Lindo Wing and Archie below…. Prince Louis, newborn, downstairs… When asked about the baby, Harry said that “Archie” had changed a lot in two weeks. Meghan stared at the gaffe and never quite regained her composure. They separated shortly after. So was there a real baby born two weeks before Meghan’s supposed “birth”? Why were the supposedly photoshopped images of Prince Phillip, Queen Elizabeth, and Doria piled up in a random hallway in Buck Palace (as if Doria was wondering there on her own!)? Why not take real photos? Why use Photoshop? Some argue it was a surrogate carrying Meghan’s egg and Harry’s sperm to create this “Archie”. The carrier lives in the UK, not North America. When the surrogate saw how bad Meghan was as a real person, she refused to give up her baby. In the UK, the woman carrying the fetus is the mother, not the egg donor. Is this why the Queen refuses to use traditional expressions about a baby born to a royal? Is that why no signatures have confirmed a live birth involving Meghan? Is that why “Archie” isn’t a prince? If the boy was born from a surrogate, he could never be a prince. This is not allowed. Non-stop. see the difference??? Cambridge baby, up. Sussex baby, bottom. Did the surrogate mother have a baby with Down Syndrome? This has been reported by others, along with some photographic evidence. Can Meghan and Harry visit the baby? Does the surrogate live in the UK as is supposed and because Meghan has no children we see very few pictures of that baby? Meghan and Harry reportedly used their friend’s doll to show “Archie” to people there when they went to Africa. In Africa, people sang big songs welcoming “Archie’s dad,” but nothing was right about Archie’s mom. Meghan reportedly tore the banners in anger, but she did not get rid of all of the banners. They can be viewed online in the public domain. Why? Why are you hiding a surrogate pregnancy? This would be the perfect time to shine a light on the benefits of a surrogate mother carrying a child for another woman. The front carrier was upside down. For illustration purposes only…. In Canada, when Meghan went out with her two dogs, she had an incorrectly worn doll dangling from her front carrier. If Archie had been in that carrier, he would have suffocated to death, according to experts. I’m just relaying what I’ve read. These are not my views. They belong to many other people. Was Meghan using a doll and why not use the real doll? Was he not available? Archie hasn’t been photographed since May, when Meghan taped a portion of him reading a book to the boy who was wearing a very wet and saggy diaper and was only wearing a plain white jumpsuit. Why? Why don’t you dress the child and change his diaper to a new, more comfortable one? I have a grandson almost the same age and he loves dry diapers. If Meghan were the mother, she would have taken better care of the child in question and packed a nice, clean outfit for her. And a fresh, dry diaper. Meghan and the baby allegedly had little connection to each other. “Archie” did not hold Meghan’s face, hands, snuggle into her, or play with her hair or jewelry. There seemed to be no connection whatsoever between this baby and Meghan. Again, just observations from many people. I try to include as many as possible. The “Archie” and Baptism photos are definitely photoshopped. Clearly. Anyone with eyes can see. But why? Just baptize the child. The images are timestamped at eleven o’clock. Like it’s almost midnight. Baptism photos were taken at night. Why? Where are the real ones? Are there any real ones? If the surrogate lives in the UK, she explains why “Archie” has not been seen in any of the photos since early May 2022. That was exactly five months ago. We would have seen the toddlers had they lived in California but there are no family photos of Harry, Meghan and “Archie” as they are not children. It is said that the boy’s name is not even “Archie”. Meghan was angry with the Cambridges (again) and Prince George’s nickname was Archie. Because of this, he used the name “Archie” which was weird for a child and actually got George’s pet name she. Beautiful aunt, isn’t she? People have said that Meghan likes to play mind games with people. That would be a mind game. Meghan also allegedly likes to lie. That would be a big lie. Where is “Archi”? And why hasn’t anyone talked about the strange boy ever seen? Some argue that everything will be revealed in the Markle v the Mail case on Sunday. Will it happen? When will the royal family address Archie and any oddities about his birth, Meghan’s pregnancy and subsequent lack of evidence that a child was living with Harry and Meghan in California? But if everything is as it seems, they have nothing to reveal, right? When will Meghan and Harry take a family photo of the three of them together? You see, there’s a pretty extensive list of reasons why people have theories about “Archie” and Meghan and Harry. It is very tiring to write them all. But I can’t think of one more point of contention. This is not my opinion, because there are many theories here. I wanted to make a list of what I’ve read so readers on Quora can see what’s happening in the public domain regarding boy Archie. I will now return to giving my views o

(61 Likes) Do you think sex dolls are abnormal?

Mini Sex Doll brings women to life to change them. But sadly, it’s just another purpose to satisfy your sex drive needs with no other benefits. It’s a safer bet for many who just want sex because there’s no chance of a baby or stds. For men and women who can’t find a partner

(20 Likes) What do you think of the couple who treat their Cabbage Patch doll like a real child while ignoring their own daughter?

Useful, negligent, nearsighted, damaging, mentally unstable (add more adjectives here).. Some people treat dogs and animals better than their children, which is bad enough. You can report this to child protection services to see if it meets investigation and perhaps response standards. Even a visit from a social worker can make it better for her real daughter.